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Reducing the sun's UV rays from reaching the bottom of your pond or lake will assist in limiting weed and algae growth and give your pond or lake a beautiful color. Pond Biologics® line of natural water treatment products are second to none. Their pond dye is made from natural pigments and mixed to the highest concentration available today.

Pond Biologics® dye is offered two great ways. A super concentrated liquid that is stronger than any competitors quart concentrate or one gallon product. The WSP (water soluble packet) are the same great dye, but in a dry formula that comes in an easy to apply wsp. No need for messy measuring or colored hands. Simply open the resealable zipper bag and toss a wsp into your pond or lake. The wsp is made of natural gelatin and will completely dissolve within a matter of minutes allowing the dye to dispers on its own. 

All Pond Biologics® products are Made 100% in the USA!