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Bio-Buster™  Pond Muck Reduction Pellets

Bio-Buster™ Pond Muck Reduction Pellets

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Muck building up in your lake or pond? Remove it quickly and naturally with Bio-Buster™ from Pond Biologics®.

Easy to apply pellets reduce organic sediment “Pond Muck”

Contains Billions of colonies of beneficial microorganisms and enzymes.

Bio-Buster™ is non-pathogenic, environmentally friendly and carries no water use restrictions

Pond Biologics®, Bio-Buster™ is a custom blend of naturally occuring microorganisms and enzymes, compressed in an easy to apply pellet. Bio-Buster™ is designed to naturally reduce organic sediment(Muck) in ponds, lakes, waste-water lagoons and water gardens, while also reducing odors and improving water clarity. Bio-Buster™, Muck Reduction Pellets are self-sinking and attack organic sediment (muck) directly. Bio-Buster™ pellets assist in the digestion of leafy debris, dead aquatic vegetation, grass clippings and other organic waste buildup.

Available in 5, 10 & 25 pound buckets. Includes measuring scoop! 

Bio-Buster™ is safe for use in recreational water bodies, live stock ponds and waste-water lagoons.

Bio-Buster™ is safe for humans, pets, fish, and wildlife.


                                 Spot Treatment

Apply pellets evenly across the waters surface to the target (Muck) area.

Apply 1 pound of Bio-Buster™ Muck Reduction Pellets per 4,000 square feet, once per month.

                               Full Pond Treatment

Apply 10 pounds of Bio-Buster™ Muck Reduction Pellets per 1 surface acre. Broadcast evenly throughout the entire water body. Apply once per month.


Bio-Buster gives you value!


              Other brands

10 Billion + colonies of beneficial bacteria per gram of product.

500 million to 1 billion colonies of       bacteria or not published.

10 & 25 pound bucket

(published container sizes)

8 & 24 pound bucket

(container size/weights not given)

Apply once per month

Apply every two weeks

Fewer applications & lower cots

More applications & higher cost

Apply to water temps as low as 38 deg. F

Apply to water temps above 55 deg. F

Results of 12+ inches of muck  reduction per season.

No blending or mixing

Reduces up to 5 Inches of muck per year

May require mixing & blending



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Bio-Buster™ Pond Muck Reduction Pellets