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Bulk Baking Soda

Bulk Baking Soda

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Bulk Pond Buffer 

Feed grade baking soda/sodium bircabonate increses total alkalinity instanly, boost beneficial bacteria growth and allows ponds to clean themselves. Speeds fish growth. Use in water gardens or earthen farm ponds.

To apply, dissolve in water and apply to surface of your pond.

Comes in a 50lb bag.  

(see technical specifications for dosage rates)


Each 50 lb. bag will increase the total alkalinity of 165,000 gallons by 20 mg/l 
OR 33,000 gallons by 100 mg/l

A 6 foot deep 1 acre pond contains approximately 2 million gallons and requires (12) 50 lb. bags to increase the total alkalinity by 20 mg/l


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