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Green Clean Algaecide

Green Clean Algaecide

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Green Clean Granular is a ready to use algaecide specifically designed for treating algae in ornamental ponds, water gardens, fountains or earthen ponds with Goldfish, Koi and Trout. Use Green Clean to control and prevent algae with immediate effects. For best results apply Green Clean early season when algae is not well-established and good contact can be made. Green Clean can be broadcast with a hand spreader or dissolved in water and sprayed over water surface on the target algae.

1 lb. of Green Clean will treat 1,000 gallons of water. Apply on a calm sunny day to warm water. Warm water will enhance the overall effectiveness. Re-treatment can be made 48 hours after initial treatment or when new growth begins to appear.

Available in 20 lb. Pail. Treats up to 7 acre feet of water.


Labeled for use in all 50 states. 

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