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Blue Wing™ Pond Dye Concentrate

Blue Wing™ Pond Dye Concentrate


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Blue Wing™ Super Concentrate pond & lake dye, by Pond Biologics®

Creates a great looking natural blue color.

Blue Wing™ pond dye is a straight blue organic water dye. Blue Wing™ shades and protects, while adding a natural color and an aesthetic appeal to your pond or lake. This powerful Pond Dye Concentrate is stronger than any one gallon product available on the market today and will treat up to 1 surface acre 4-6 feet deep. 

Blue Wing™ pond dye is a high concentration of straight blue dye. 

(See Technical Specs for recommended application rates.)

1 qt. will treat 4 acre feet of water, or 1 surface acre 4-6 feet deep.

Use 6-8 oz of Blue Kuro™ pond & lake dye per 1 acre ft. of water, or until desired color is obtained. Pour pond & lake dye directly into water, in multiple spots around the water body. Blue Kuro™ pond dye will disperse on its own, throughout the entire water body within 24 hours.

Calculate Water Body Size:
Length x Width x Average Depth, Divide by 43,560 = Acre Feet

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